About Senior Saints Softball


As ambassadors for senior women and our sponsors, we compete in senior women’s slow-pitch softball tournaments throughout Arizona and the United States. Our softball ideals embody teamwork, good sportsmanship, and leadership by example. These ideals allow us to reach out to, inform, encourage, and teach softball skills to senior women who may be unaware they can be more active, healthier, and happier.


After many dreams that Diana Gano had about her future role in women’s softball, she finally raised the curtain in 1999. She established a remarkable senior softball organization for women throughout the Valley of the Sun. Her desire was to create three of the best competitive teams in the Southwest, and she did just that!

In September 1999 the original team was founded, the Senior Saints 50s. That was only the beginning because in January 2002, the Silver Saints 55s, came into being. In August 2004, the Saints 40s team was formed and began tournament play. The next team to be established will be the Golden Saints 60s which is projected to start competing by January 2009.

It was Diana’s goal from the beginning to set high standards for each of the teams. As a result, today there are three sister teams having rosters of players who are premier, committed, and versatile softball athletes.


Senior Saints Softball Inc. Corporate Structure

  • Executive Director and Founder
  • Diana L. Gano
  • Co-Founder and Director
  • Linda Tellez
  • Nine Board Members – Appointed by the Executive Director (ED) and comprised of:
  • Three Saints 40s; Three Senior Saints 50s; and Three Silver Saints 55s.
  • Team Managers (must be voted upon with the approval from ED).
  • Coaches for each team selected with ED approval.
  • Players: Selected by Coaches and approved by the ED.
  • All teams must acquire their own sponsorships.
  • Each player may be sponsored individually.
  • All donations must be deposited in the Senior Saints Softball’s (Arizona Federal) account for proper donation documentation.
  • All activities must be reported to the ED. There are no exceptions.
  • Team Managers and Coaches must report all complaints to the ED and if she is unavailable, must notify two board members.
  • This is a Nonprofit Corporation and will be and must be run as such.